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Frequently Asked Questions: Telehealth Allergy visit

What are the most frequent allergies?

The most frequent allergic diseases are: Rhinitis and asthma, urticaria, food allergies, drug allergies, atopic dermatitis, reactions to insect bites such as bees and wasps and contact dermatitis.
Less frequent allergic diseases are: latex allergy, anisakis simplex allergy, eosinophilic esophagitis, allergy to vaccines including COVID-19 or mastocytosis among others. All of these allergies can be treated through a telehealth allergy visit.

How Telehealth Allergy visit works?

1.- Request an allergy appointment by clicking here.
2.- After confirming the payment, I will contact you to send me previous reports, photos or a small summary. If finally I cannot help because it is not an allergic disease, the amount paid will be fully refunded.
3.- The day and time will be chosen for the visit that will be carried out by a secure means, preferably WhatsApp.

What happens if I ask for a consultation and my disease is not allergic?

After confirming the payment, I will always contact you to send me previous reports, photos or a small summary. If finally I cannot help because it is not an allergic disease, the amount paid will be refunded in full.

How long does a Telehealth allergy visit take?

The full allergy consultation usually lasts between 25 to 45 minutes, as the disease is fully explained, unlike in the traditional consultation.
The quick allergy consultations have a variable time, generally less than 15 minutes.

How to request a quick allergy consultation?

You must contact me via whatsapp, email or the contact form, briefly explaining your illness and providing reports if necessary. If it is indeed a quick problem, you can opt for this type of quick allergy consultation.

How to verify Dr. Tito Rodriguez Bouza information?

You can enter the Professional Data tab. Care has been taken so that you can click on everything that is verifiable.

I have a skin problem, do I need a dermatologist or an allergist?

As a general rule, skin problems following a possible cause (food, drugs, exposures to an animal or product….) or those including itching, can be evaluated by an Allergist.
There are also some overlapping diseases that can be treated by both specialists, such as hives or atopic dermatitis.
In any case, send me a photo and a small description of your problem and I will answer if an allergist or a dermatologist will be the one to visit.

What is the price of the Telehealth allergy visit?

Full allergy consultation: 50 Euros (60 USD) including review and report.
Quick allergy consultation that does not require a report: 25 euros (30 USD)

Can medicines be prescribed after Telehealth allergy visit? ?

As long as it is within the European Economic Community, the recipes are perfectly valid. In many countries they also accept the European recipe.
In general, the reports made by Dr. Tito Rodriguez Bouza for obtaining the required drugs are accepted, with the exception of the United States.

I have itching, can you help me?

The correct answer is: In general I can help you.
Send me a photo of the lesions or a description of the itching or itching and I can tell you if I can be of help or refer you to another specialist.

How to get an urgent allergy consultation?

To obtain an urgent allergy consultation, you only have to contact us through whatsapp and I will respond to you in the shortest possible time.
It does not have an additional cost but it may be necessary to do it only with audio and photos.
The urgent allergy consultation is requested through the quick consultation modality

In which countries is the Telehealth allergy visit available?

This consultation is available for all countries, although Dr. Tito Rodriguez Bouza depends on the schedules in Spain, where he physically works.
In the case of urgent allergy consultations, exceptions can be made to the usual working hours

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